Strategies in Playing Joker Poker

After understanding how to play the following we will explain what strategies you need to apply in playing Joker Poker in order to obtain maximum results. Generally the strategy of playing Joker Poker can be divided into two groups, check out here:

  1. How to Play with the Joker Card
  • Discard or remove one card if it is not part of the following combination: four cards become flush, four cards become straight flush, four cards become straight, four cards of a kind (four of a kind) and four cards become Royal Flush.
  • Discard two cards that do not form one of the following card combinations: straight flush or three of a kind.
  • For other hand combinations of cards that are not mentioned, please determine for yourself whether you will discard or continue to use it, but clearly keep the Joker card not to be wasted.
  1. How to Play without a Joker Card
  • Always try to make a combination of Royal Flush (800: 1), Straight Flush (50: 1), and Four of a Kind (20: 1). These three combinations provide the highest percentage of odds in this game, so try to get these three card combinations
  • Always try to make a combination of Full House and Flush. If it is very difficult to get a combination of Royal Flush, Straight Flush and Four of A Kind. At least try to get a combination of Full House and Flush because these two combinations provide a fairly large percentage of payout odds which are 7: 1 (FullHouse) and 5: 1 (Flush)
  • If the card you get is definitely difficult to form the combination above, try to make Three of a Kind (2: 1 percentage)
  • If there is no combination that can be made again, try to make two pairs (2 pairs of the same card) because a combination of two pairs can increase the likelihood of forming a Three of a kind combination and not even close the possibility to form a Full House combination.
  • Always remember the following three keywords in playing Joker Poker, namely: Conformity, Connectedness and Level or combination of cards. Of the three keywords, various possibilities can occur, for example: If you get a two pair of cards from two pair can increase the chances of getting a combination of three of a kind and also does not rule out getting a Full House card combination. From these examples these three factors are interconnected with each other, namely: Conformity between cards, connectedness that might be formed between card combinations and the latest card combination levels that were successfully obtained.